What are SSL Certificates?

Many people started looking for safety, as security is the solution to many of the problems that direct them in the world of the Internet, is not it ..?
But how do you make yourself safe and trust that your information will not be compromised, leaked or will be used against you in the future? .. That is why we will resort to protection and safety .. For this we will offer a portion of the protection that you can activate on your website ..
Start reading this article and you will know How to protect your site through  SSL Certificates  that have spread recently with the spread of penetrations, and also circulation of sales through the Internet .. Site owners searched for ways to protect to secure their site data and the data of their customers, so they resort to buying SSL security certificates

What are SSL Certificates?

It is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer, which is the secure communication layer that connects the user of the site and the server. Sometimes called digital certificates.

But what does SSL Certificates do?

These security certificates encrypt the data transmitted between the site and the server; that is, they block the way for any third party who wants to recognize the data, it makes the road safe between the user and access to data transfer centers around the world until he reaches the data center where the server is located.
SSL certificates encrypt credit card data and important data, from your passwords to websites and other data that are the target of hackers, so that they can earn money or bitcoin currencies behind them.

What are the types of SSL Certificates?

1. Protection certificates free: 

issued protection certificates are completely free, and is issued by international companies,durationprotection shall be free only 90 daysmaximum of certificatesprotection.
The certification helps Google authenticate the site to keep up with search engines and to obtain
HTTPS, so that users of the site can guarantee the security of their data.
You get free security certificates when you book a Dimofinfco-hostingplan . image

2. Protection certificates paid and types:

certificates paid for free for different certificate and alsovaliditysomecertificates that havecharacteristicssecurity greater availability andpowerful than free, and many large sites that carry millionscredit cardskeen to install protection certificates Paid, so that it can give its users complete security, and also prevent any data from being leaked or compromised at any time!
Certificates of protection paid by international companies such as GEO trust, Global Sign are issued. There are many types of certificates paid, including:

1. GeoTrust RapidSSL is
one of the most popular certificates; its coding strength reaches 256 bits. And its price is $ 15
2. GeoTrust QuickSSL
is one of the best certificates, as it is used by many website owners because its cost is medium and easy to use,
it covers more than 99% of browsers and applications. And its price is $ 74
3. GeoTrust QuickSSL® Premium 
is highly dedicated to large websites and online stores because the degree of encryption and encryption algorithms is very complex, it has a strong protection that makes you not worry about your customers’ credit cards, and its price is $ 110
4. Comodo Essential is
one of the famous certificates, as it is easy to install and has great technical support, but it is compatible with many browsers as well as applications, and its price is only $ 16!
5. Comodo Essential Wildcard This 
certificate is distinguished by its quality and it works on a main domain of the site and also sub-domains, which makes your data a high degree of encryption and support service is very distinctive, and its price: 85 $

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