What are the different types of web hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that provides you with space on a server hosted by the data center, to organize and store files and data for your website on this server, to allow users to access your site on the Internet at any time through the WWW.
The field of hosting contains many terms that you may be exposed to for the first time if you wish to launch your website, or you may have been exposed to it before and want to know more about it ..
Therefore we offer you an explanation of the most important terms that you meet in the field of hosting to be aware of what is happening On your website.

1- shared hosting

It is hosting more than one site on one server, at a low cost, with different domains and areas, as the server distributes its tasks in operating all the sites hosted on it at one time, and is considered the most appropriate for small or medium sites.

2- Dedicated Server:

It is hosting your site on your own server, without the presence of other sites on the same server, unlike shared hosting, so you have the right to control it, and choose your operating system 
(windows system or Linux system), and the private server is the most appropriate choice for institutions, large companies, Like newspapers and electronic stores, to keep data confidential and visitor privacy, so its price is high.

3- Cloud server:  

It is a virtual / virtual private server, which is created on a platform consisting of a large number of real servers, which has been termed a cloud / cloud and not on one server only as is the case in the VPS (which will be addressed later), and therefore it is called cloud servers, It receives files on more than one device around the world connected to each other, and provides a site on more than one server with a high presence feature that makes your site never stop, and it also provides your site with high traffic.
It is the best option for website owners who find it difficult to transfer data and need a location that never stops, as these servers feature the Failover feature that works to provide the service around the clock without interruption.

4- VPS Virtual Server:

Virtual Private Server The virtual private server is a virtual server that works on the Virtualization system that divides the main operating system of the hosting server into several sub-operating systems and independent of each other, which means that it is possible to install only one operating system on a real server and then activate the Virtualization feature on the real server , And then create virtual servers inside the real server, and it is characterized by being cheaper than the private server, and the largest area of ​​shared hosting through which you can choose the operating system you want. 

5- Reseller Hosting:

It is a service that allows customers to book hosting from a company, and plans to create them, and then distributed to other clients, divided into Reseller Hosting declared and undeclared. 

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